Our Aesthetics Center in Montpellier

Discover our cosmetic surgery center

Dr. Jaafar MEZIANE specializes in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery in Montpellier.
You can come and meet him at the Center for Cosmetic Surgery, located in the Antigone district, near the Olympic swimming pool in Montpellier, France.
The facility is over 2800 sqft, entirely dedicated to beauty and aesthetics, equipped with the most innovative medical technologies.

For any intervention, Dr. MEZIANE invites you to the Clinic du Parc..

The center is one of the first in France, to be equipped with Cellfina, for the definitive treatment of cellulite.
Dr. MEZIANE, applies his know-how of plastic surgery and his knowledge of anatomy to practice acts of aesthetic medicine.
These are carried out in his aesthetic center, with latest generation products, efficient and safe, allowing a full recovery within the day.

Dr. MEZIANE’s medical assistant

Dr. MEZIANE is accompanied by his medical assistant, Gaëlle, to follow you.
She will remain present to assist you during your intervention.

Our secretaries will be delighted to receive you

You will be received by our two charming secretaries, Virginie and Corinne, for a personalized welcome.
They will best answer your questions and your expectations.

Visit our Center

Bâtiment A-Le Jardin du Centre

60 Rue de l’Acropole

34000 Montpellier, France

Monday – Friday 9 a.m. to 6p.m.